SVTCC Profile


Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Communications (hereinafter referred to as SVTCC), a public college, was established in 1952. It is the sole vocational and technical college of communications in Sichuan province covering both land transportation and marine navigation. It is accredited as a model for higher vocational education by the Ministry of Education, namely, one of the 100 top vocational colleges in China.

SVTCC is situated in Wenjiang District, Chengdu City in the western part of China. Currently, the number of enrolled full-time students is nearly 13,000. There are about 700 members of faculty staff, including about 24 professors and 130 associate professors, 3 teaching master at national level, 4 renowned instructors at provincial level, 5 leading experts of the Ministry of Communications, and 4 provincial-level teaching-teams. Additionally, 300 part-time teachers are employed from industries.

The academic part of SVTCC is organized into 9 departments, namely, Department of Road and Bridge Engineering, Department of Automotive Engineering, Department of Economic Management, Department of Computing Engineering, Department of Electro-mechanical Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, Department of Fine Arts and Humanities, Department of Transportation Engineering and Department of Marine Engineering, offering 2 undergraduate programs and nearly 50 diploma programs.

SVTCC covers an area of 727,030 square meters, with a building area of 520,000 square meters. It is well-equipped with standard sports-grounds, a swimming pool, an information center, a library owning a collection of 1,200,000 volumes. The college has set up 3 on-campus training bases at national or provincial level and more than 200 off-campus training bases. The on-campus training areas cover as much as 110,000 square meters. The teaching facilities are valued at 0.18 billion RMB Yuan and the fixed assets at over 0.56 billion RMB Yuan.

Ideas of Running School: Transportation-based, Market-oriented, Serving Society;

Professionals Cultivating System: Trade Dominated, Associations Connected, Enterprises Cooperated; Features of Running School: Cooperating with Renowned Institutes and Companies Home and Abroad; Taking Initiative to Provide Service for the Communications Sector and the Regional Economy.

Target of Running School: First-class faculty staff, First-class professionals, First-class vocational college.

Over the past decades, SVTCC has nurtured tens of thousands of graduates for the society, with the employment rate over 96%. Most of them have been playing important and irreplaceable roles in the communications sector, dedicating themselves to the social and economic development of Sichuan and even the western China.